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Our Vision & History

Our Vision

To position IIIM as the center of excellence for natural products chemistry, chemical biology, pharmacology and biotechnology to discover new chemical entities (NCEs) as drugs for unmet medical needs and provide scientific rationale and validity to various Indian systems of medicine. The institute aspires to achieve leadership position as a research Institute for creating a broad knowledge base, a work force of dedicated and trained scientists and a technology development center through scientific exploration of secondary metabolites from plants and microbial biodiversity, at the same time generating awareness for their conservation and protection.

Our Mission

  • Aim to be a World class research institute for natural products based drug discovery.
  • Discovery of new natural product probes for cell biology and immunology.
  • Provide scientific basis for integration of Indian systems of medicine with “evidence-based” pharmacology.
  • Focus natural products resources towards clinically validated targets (cancer, inflammation, diabetes and infections) and areas with unmet medical need (neglected diseases).
  • Use the power and synergy of synthetic chemistry and molecular biology to engineer biosynthetic pathways of drug like molecules in plants and microbes.

Guiding Principles

  • Scientific excellence.
  • Integration of principles of chemistry & biology for discovery of new drugs and therapeutic approaches.
  • Provide conducive working environment to the scientific colleagues to achieve international level of competitive success and recognition.
  • Highest standards of integrity and ethical conduct.

History and Milestones

  • 1940 - Col Sir Ram Nath Chopra, Director School of Tropical Medicine, Calcutta in consultation with the Chief Minister of J & K State, Sir N. Gopala Swamy Iyenger decided to start a laboratory in J & K. Sir P. H. Clutterbuck, Chief Conservator of Forests J & K was an important link between the two.
  • 1941 - Drug Research Laboratory ( DRL) established
    • Survey and collection of plants
    • Cultivation of medicinal, aromatic and economic plants
    • Chemical investigation for new fractions molecules
    • Drug manufacture
  • 1957 - Taken over by CSIR and renamed as Regional Research Laboratory (RRL)
    • To carry out R&D work with a view to boost the industrial development of north-western region of the country.
    • To help in optimal utilization of natural resources of the region.
    • To explore and exploit hitherto untapped resources of the region.
  • 1971 - Establishment of Regional Research Laboratory (Branch), Srinagar
  • 1973 - Opening of RRL Extension Center, Palampur (Himachal Pradesh)
  • 2005 - Renamed as Indian Institute of Integrative Medicine (IIIM) in the 168th meeting of Governing Body of Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR) A Center of excellence, for natural products chemistry, chemical biology, pharmacology and biotechnology and to provide rational scientific basis for Indian Systems of Medicine.
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