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Lavender - Propagation

Lavender is propagated through seeds and cuttings. Multiplication through seeds results in genetic detoriation and is not quick and economical. Vegetative propagation through cuttings is the most economical method. Cuttings are made from vigorous plants of 3rd year old growth and planted in raised nursery beds to avoid water logging. The nursery beds should be mixed with fine river sand and well rotten farmyard manure. Beds are covered with black polythene of 100 micron thick and the sides are covered completely with soil for compactness. Holes are made in it at a distance of 4×5 cm. and cuttings are planted in the holes. This method is highly economical, results in moisture retention.

Single plant of Lavender
Field view of Lavender

Irrigation by rose canes during rain free period especially in summer months is essential. The rooting is established within a year and the rooted plants are transplanted in the fields either in November-December or in early spring (February-March) at a spacing of 75cm×75cm with a plant density of 18,000 plants per hectare. Before planting the field is well ploughed, leveled and disced to make it free from weeds. Plantlets are irrigated by rose canes immediately after transplanting. Lavender requires regular manual weeding and hoeing in between the rows to keep the field free from weeds. Atleast two hand weedings and two hoeings are required. Earthing is required during the first year of plantation due to frosty winters. Farmyard manure should be applied in early spring and late autumn.

Lavender is a hardy temperate plant and grows well in well cooled temperatures and moderately warm summers and needs minimum irrigation. Areas without an impact of winter having high temperature are not suitable for its cultivation. Under Kashmir conditions minimum one or two irrigations are required during rain free period.

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