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Lavender - Products and Uses

Lavender is an incredible and much sought after aromatic plant having significant position in the perfumery trade all over the world. It has multifarious uses and market outlets. Beside its use in fragrance applications, predominantly body care products, Lavender oil and Lavender water has substantial applications in alternative health care practices of aromatherapy. Pure oil can be used without a base oil. It can be blended with bergamot, clarysage, jasmine, lemon and rose oil to prepare many formulations for different ailments. It has a remarkable effect on the emotional and mental balance of human being.


Complete reproduction of lavender scent can be done by making products like lavender concrete and lavender absolute. Lavender concrete is produced by extraction of fresh lavender flower with perfumery grade hexane. It is semi liquid yellow - greenish mass. For making lavender absolute, a purified high quality ethyl alcohol is required and is prepared by dissolving the lavender concrete in 7-10 times greater quantity of ethyl alcohol. Atleast five washings are made. The washings are decanted, filtered and frozen at (-20˚ to -25˚c). Insoluble waxes are separated by filtering at high cooling. The miscella is concentrated under vaccum to remove last traces of alcohol. Lavender water is the water left after steam distillation of lavender flowers. It has a nice scent and various properties of herb. Lavender water contains approximately 0.1% of lavender oil and can be reconstituted to make lavender water of different grades. The lavender volatiles obtained by solvent extraction of lavender water contained linalool (32.51%) as the major constituent followed by α-terpineol (13.55%), borneol (9.84 %), camphor (6.04%), 1,8-cineole (4.94%), (Z) linalool oxide (7.24), (E) linalool oxide (6.04) and linalyl acetate (2.84%). (Table – II).


Economics - In Lavender, the initial investment is the plantation and processing for Lavender oil thereof which require a steam distillation unit. Actual benefits are obtained after 2nd year plantation and production may continue up to 12-15 years. The net returns can range between Rs.1.0 to 1.15 lakhs/hac.

Storage - Lavender oil need to be stored safely to retain its potency or the active chemical profile. It should be freed from moisture, stored in well tightly closed containers at low temperatures and away from light. Lavender oil should be packed in coloured glass bottles amber or blue or preferably in aluminium bottles. Caps of the bottles should not be off for longer periods as the oil is volatile. It has been reported that lavender oil stored under proper conditions remains pretty good even after 15 years.

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