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Lavender Festival - An Introduction

Lavender – A boon for degraded lands of Kashmir

Lavender (Lavendula angustifolia) an aromatic yet medically important plant world over is produced from degraded lands above 320o north in temperate conditions. The sloppy underneath of snow mountains, having gravelly slopes and where only few plants can survive. Lavender thrives well in rainfed conditions, Lavender planted against these slopes not only checks erosion but also produces beautiful pampule flowers to the tune of 50 - 60 quintals of herb/ha. This herb gives 50 – 60 kg lavender oil/ha valued at Rs. 2 lakh at the present rate of Rs. 4000/kg of oil. World over like Bulgaria, France, Russia and other countries produce Lavender oil from mountain slopes.


Kashmir region of J&K also has vast lands available under mountain slopes, where only few plants grows and in absence of a good cover, the rockoff from these slopes make them more infertile. The technology developed by IIIM, (J&K) for such degraded lands was demonstrated and highly appreciated by the delegates of the recently concluded seminar at IIIM “ Towards belonging to the leading essential oil houses of the country like F.F.D.C, Kannouj, Dr. Harlalka of Samkhu Baba international, Himalayan Essential oils, Professor Varshnay, Chairman, Essential oil Association of India and owner of Shiva Exports, Mumbai, G.S Ranaday and Dr. Navneet Kaur of D.S group Noida.

Lavender can be considered a boon to locals considering following points in lavender cultivation on these slopes:

  1. Lavender cultivation is better option than any other crop on rocky and gravelly lands.
  2. The gestation period is only three years in lavender against the tree crops which have a gestation period of more than 10-15 years.
  3. Lavender remains productive for 20 years.
  4. No disease in Lavender crop has been reported in Kashmir.
  5. Small scale industry can be sustained for manufacturing the processing and packaging goods.
  6. The technology is home gown of the state of J&K (IIIM, J&K).
  7. Kashmir can safely produce at least 200 – 300 tonnes of Lavender oil valued at 90 - 135 crores annually suffice to meet the domestic needs of our country.

Highlights of Lavender festival 2015

  • Exhibition of end to end technologies on Aroma Chemicals
  • A group of eight renowned artists from J&K state will hold Art Camp (from 15-16 June) during the Lavender festival for live demonstration of paintings of Lavender fields/ natural landscapes
  • Demonstrations of works-in-progress (Paintings) will be on-going throughout the show & artists will be available to answer questions & explain the process used in creating these beautiful art pieces.
  • On the spot painting competition for school children in the following categories between 10.30 am to 12.30 pm on (Venue: Bonera Farm):
       - 16th June: Sub junior
       - 16th June: Junior
       - 16th June: Senior
  • Value added products of Lavender oil and other essential oils will be available for purchase.
  • Open Photography competition of Aroma Crops for the visitors: To compete one has to submit a copy of 5”x7” photograph taken during the festival on or before 16th June 3.00 PM. The prizes will be announced at 5.00 PM same day.
  • Continuous display of Videos on
       i) End to end technology on Lavender
       ii) Lavender festivals across the world
       iii) Contributions of IIIM in MAPs

Lectures & Workshops

    • Wild fruits & vegetables
    • Wild Flowers of Kashmir
    • Edible Flowers
    • Aromatherapy
    • Cooking with Lavender, Rose & Rosemary
    • Indian Kitchen as Dispensary

Lavender Distillation Demo
A 45-minute demonstration led by Dr. Ramakant Harlalka /Dr Parvaiz Qazi. The detailed presentation covers topics ranging from the process of growing lavender to the distillation and extraction of the essential oil. Application and health benefits are also discussed in this interactive presentation.

Free Lectures
Informative lectures led by experts, two different lectures are held each day at the festival. All lectures take place in the Auditorium.

Tour to Lavender fields of IIIM in Bonera (Pulwama)
Bus will be available at SKICC at 11 AM to leave for Lavender field visits for interested visitors.

Food court
Visitors will be able to taste Lavender ice Tea/ Rose ice Tea; Rose / Lavender cookies and kashmiri kehwa during the festival.

Lavender Festival - Map & Directions

Why not come and visit the Kashmir Festival at the farm and take time to walk amongst the rows of Lavender. Enjoy a Cream Tea or Light lunch in the wonderfully scenic views of Kashmir and visit our Gift Shop for our full range of Lavender products and more.
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